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Rarely does one get to read about not the causes but the mystifying effects within the mind of a young man who has the mental disorder commonly known as Aspergers syndrome—now a form of autism considered to be found at the lower end of the autism spectrum.A unique opportunity is afforded us by Alex Olinkiewiz, the author of the very successful YouTube video, “In My Mind,” which has astounded more than 1,300,000 viewers. In his book with same name, he reveals, illuminates, and describes with great insights exactly what is going on in his mind.Not all children with Aspergers syndrome have the same symptoms. Each individual reflects a different variation of color (a spectrum) at the mild end of the rainbow (of autism). Alexs particular colors (his revelations) are incisive and give others a deeper understanding, as well as a greater feeling, of the pain and joy our fellow human beings with Aspergers experience during their journeys through life.Many experts will tell us what Aspergers syndrome is—its causes and symptoms. Parents will describe their journey through life with their children who have Aspergers. Brothers and sisters will share their hardships in dealing with a sibling who has Aspergers. Schoolteachers, psychologists, and school administrators will tell of their experiences, their extensive efforts, their mistakes, and their coming to understand children with Aspergers syndrome.However, few young people with Aspergers syndrome have attempted to actually analyze their experience of Aspergers syndrome within themselves—and fewer have succeeded in explaining it with the brilliancy of insight that Alex has achieved.

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