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Realizing Josselyns only option for survival is escape, she finds confidence in an unlikely companion. While revisiting painful memories, they discover hidden truths about each other that will draw them closer together.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~“I appreciate your concern, but I’ll be fine on my own.” Adrien leaving was my chance to escape the estate and search for Cyprus. I couldn’t waste such an opportunity. Relief humored my words. “Will you be alright on your own?”“I did consider taking you with me. It’s going to be very lonely without you.” He reached across the table for my hand. I entwined my fingers with his. “However, there’s been rumors of bandits on these roads and I can’t risk your safety.”“That’s kind of you.” I smiled. I wondered what the real reason was. “You’ll be safe, won’t you?”“The time will pass before you know it.” He kissed the top of my hand. I wanted to pull away.“When do you leave?”“In the morning at first light, I’m afraid.” He sighed. “I wish I had more notice. But I can’t pass up such a good opportunity.”I’d asked Adrien about his work in the past, and he’d explained to me that the finer details were extraordinarily complicated. Essentially, he imported expensive goods from one city to the next throughout Rhoryn so they may be in the hands of nobles faster than any courier. During my time with him, he’d only received one other summons and he was gone for a handful of days.“Why don’t we go to the tavern and enjoy your last night here, then?” I needed the fresh air. And gods knew I needed the wine.“That sounds like a wonderful idea.” He tipped his glass toward me. “Let’s be off.”

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