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“Whoopee,” Carol screamed. “Miss Picketts back!”To Carol and Bobby and every youngster lucky enough to have met the whimsical, white-haired lady in The Peculiar Miss Pickett, this is really cause for whoops of delight. For Miss Pickett is a baby-sitter beyond the dreams of even the most imaginative child!Who else but the little old lady in quaint high-button shoes and big, black-rimmed spectacles could make a toy airplane whizz out of the living room and fly upstairs or make a stove cook supper all by itself? And who else but Miss Pickett could introduce Carol and Bobby to four strangers like Sunny, Cloudy, Milder and Snowy and so find out all about next months weather?Youngsters will have a hard time deciding which part they liked best - the wonderful trip to the zoo when the shaggy lion gets loose and Miss Pickett has to give him one of her hard, straight looks to coax him back, or the jaunt to Mister Haswells birthday party, which is very dull until Bobbys baseball goes through a store window and Mister Haswell, who is easily confused, thinks everybody has come to his party.Delightful fantasy from the very first page, Miss Picketts Secret will bewitch young listeners over and over again. And even grown-ups will be a little goggle-eyed at some of the adventures so convincingly and charmingly told.

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