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“Real Life”, the most important reality show in the country, is over.The Winner has won it. He’s a thirty-year-old, handsome and muscular man. He loves gym and motorcycles, wears preferably ripped jeans and a tight white t-shirt. He has had a difficult life and wants to succeed in society, at all costs.Immediately worshiped by people, the Winner is invited to prestigious parties and dinners and enters the show business. In a environment populated by cynical and grotesque people, the Winner takes advantage with determination of the opportunities he gets and in a few months he becomes one of the most famous men of the country.Introduced by the Party Chief in the political world, his way will lead him to get in touch with power in a way he would have never imagined.“Reality Nation” is a novel about fame, the unbridled wish to get it which permeates the current times and the consequences which his attainment gives rise to; about the power of appearance in social relationships, its inconsistency and vacuity. It is also a novel about mass media and their pervasiveness; about politics and its rites, about power and its connection with personal success.A story which is, at the same time, a coming-of-age novel and a dystopian satire set in the present time.

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