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ABOUT THE BOOKLike most people my age, I grew up with Grimms Fairytales, and much like most of us, I didnt even know it. It was through watching Disney movies as a child that I was first exposed to many of the Grimms stories. Stories like ‘Little Red Cap and ‘Briar Rose dont immediately ring a bell, until you look closer and realize that they are the foundation for Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty, respectively. Even the classic story of Cinderella originates here.There was one aspect of the book, however that I found particularly interesting, something that most definitely isnt present in the movies. Grimms fairytales are by and large a rather dark bunch of tales.While the Disney versions of these stories are often portrayed as very clear cut messages of good vs. evil, the tales themselves are often not so simple. Violence, particularly violence against children seems to be a running theme in the book; and more often than not someone dies horrifically at the end, occasionally its even the hero of the story!To me it seems that the original intent of the Grimms collection of tales was to provide more cautionary tales, than entertaining ones. I would certainly think twice before reading this collection tovery young children, particularly before bedtime.Then again, perhaps it is only a sign of the times in which the book was written, young people were far less sheltered from the realities of death and violence in the early 1800s (and even earlier, for some of the older stories) than they are today, and as such might indeed have found these stories to be equally as entertaining and influential as children in modern times have found Disneys versions to be.MEET THE AUTHORLynn Brown wrote her first book at the age of 6, to the wild acclaim of her kindergarten class. Sometime later she graduated from Naropa University with an Interdisciplinary degree in Writing, Peace and Indigenous Peoples Studies. She is a staff writer for DoGoodFeelGreat.

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