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“I am sitting in the real estate office in our local town, Dogliani, in Piemonte, Italy, seven months pregnant, while Luigi, the short stout Italian realtor explains in slow English that our Sicilian cleaning woman is going to seek vengeance if we dont pay her one thousand euros immediately. We arrived from the USA a week ago to administer to maintenance of the three hundred year old Italian farmhouse we recently purchased. During the past seven pregnant months I have moved from Paris to San Francisco to Washington DC and am now in Italy for a one week visit.The baby kicks. Fury in me is mounting.I point to the pink Tshirt stretched across my expansive belly announcing due in august,” Are you kidding me? I am carrying thirty pounds of extra weight and I could clean that house in three days. She is claiming one hundred hours? What was she using - a toothbrush?”So starts my memoir about my quest to reconcile my wanderlust with my pregnant nesting instinct. This book describes my search for my identity as an American woman, wife and mother, while hopping back and forth between Paris, Italy and the US, juggling three different cultures. The truth is: I never planned to have kids. I climb mountains. I travel. I hate the idea of being tied down. Until my mid-thirties, travel and raising a family had seemed mutually exclusive. But then, after settling into an apartment in Paris with my husband, we realized that if the French could have children here, why couldnt we? Maybe being a parent didnt have to mean crushed Cheerios in the back seat of the mini-van and playrooms full of modular plastic. Maybe parenthood could be picnics at the Parc Montsouris in our favorite arrondissement and having a child who spoke French without a thought. As if that wasnt enough, we decided to live our own version of “Under the Tuscan Sun,” and purchased an old farmhouse in Italy.

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