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FBI Agent Jennifer Kingsley lives by a set of rules. The Seventh Rule of the Universe: Take the Shot. So when her partner is in trouble, she takes the shot and saves him. But the shot is captured on video, and it turns into a public relations nightmare for the Bureau. To keep her from the public eye, she is sent to Iraq to help identify a terrorist mastermind that is behind a series of worldwide attacks. Known as Iblis, the Islamic Devil, the mastermind is rumored to be the financier for ISIS.Counterterrorism Operative Jack Harmon hunts and kills enemies of the United States. There is no one better at eliminating targets than him, but the years of killing have taken a toll on his soul. There is a deadness inside him that tells Jack he is at the end of his rope. The only way to recover his humanity is to walk away from the job and find someone to share his life. But he has one last mission to accomplish before government handlers will consider letting him walk away.Iblis has other ideas for both of them. He is a master of death and deception, and he is gunning for Jack. He lures Jack in with lies and innuendo, setting a trap with a bait Jack cant resist, Jennifer Kingsley. It is a trap no one can escape, and it will change the course of events in the Middle East.

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