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Top ten bestselling author Julia Llewellyn explores how well a wife can ever really know her husband in her sparkling new novel Lovestruck.Do you trust the ones you love?Jake and Rosie fell in love fast. Before they knew it they were married with kids, and happily living in a cramped flat in London. All the while Jake struggled to make it as an actor - waiting for that big, lucky break.When he got it - courtesy of his agent, Christy, who also happens to be Rosies best friend - everything changed. Suddenly Jake was hardly there, working hard, always in demand - a rising star.But as fame and fortune reveals a side to Jake that Rosies not sure she likes, she begins to wonder just how well she knows the man she married. And soon enough shes questioning how far she can trust the woman always at his side - her best friend Christy . . .Lovestruck by Julia Llewellyn is a witty and engaging story about always playing second best and not quite living the dream.Praise for Julia Llewellyn:Engaging and entertaining Evening StandardA perfect summer read Easy Living on Ten Minutes to Fall in LoveJulia Llewellyn is the author of The Love Trainer, If I Were You, Amys Honeymoon, The Model Wife, Love Nest and Ten Minutes to Fall in Love all published as Penguin paperbacks. As Julia Llewellyn Smith she writes regularly for the Sunday Telegraph, the Sunday Times and many other publications. Julia lives in London with her family.

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